The DRILLS Hijack Set Three At Soundcheck Live – Take 41

Phil X and The Drills
Phil X and The Drills

Soundcheck Live, the weekly showcase brought to the Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood by Steve Ferlazzo, has begun it’s second year of operation by featuring an all-star line-up on January 11th, 2017. Coined as “Take 41,” this showcase is the 41st Wednesday night to take place in the long running list of Soundcheck Live‘s event dates.

Sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks and promoted by Miller PR in Los Angeles, Soundcheck Live is bringing another year packed with above the board talents and long lines of attendees that will witness entertainment history in the making, week after week.

Beginning the year with an amazing, once in a lifetime stage set – Soundcheck Live brought a host of artists to the stage, performing together at once – not one after the other. In the second of the three sets, Steve Vai, Richie Kotzen, Nuno Bettencourt, Tom Morello and Stu Hamm performed in a historical first time guitar laden set. Never before have these artists traded solos on stage together, and it will likely never happen like this again – but more on that will come from SonicMag shortly.

The event offers three sets of music. The first set features the resident house band; a mixed bag of artists that have been the support structure of some of today’s top artists. They warm the stage with original renditions of classic cover songs that the crowd knows by heart. The carefully crafted second set features a guest curator, who chooses both the songs to be played and the guests who appear. That was the Bettencourt/Vai set. The third set, at least for tonight, was an incredible gift to all in attendance – and now to you, the reader.

Phil X, the guitar wizard of the band The Drills, that has filled in a permanent role within the ranks of Bon Jovi, hijacked the stage to offer four amazing songs alongside fellow Drills member, bassist Daniel Spree and guest drummer – the legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff. Beginning their set with two original songs from the Drills catalog of music, and custom tailoring two covers – Led Zeppelin‘s “Black Dog” and Jimi Hendrix‘ “Fire;” it is during the latter of the two songs that Phil X shares his amazing fretwork and unique styling fans have come to know and love.

This will also mark the last local performance Phil X will give for a few months, as he is departing for the Bon Jovi 2017 tour, and will surface for one night in LA later in the Spring when Bon Jovi tours through Los Angeles and appears the Forum arena.

Enjoy a SonicMag exclusive below, as Phil X and The Drills tear it up at the Lucky Strike venue on Hollywood and highland. Learn more about the Drills at:

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