Earthsleep Performs At The Whisky

Los Angeles based Progressive/Alt/Grunge band Earthsleep is taking part in a 4 week residency with Barb Wire Dolls at the Whisky A Go-Go on Mondays throughout April. On the first night of the schedule, April 3rd, Earthsleep appeared second in the line-up and played 6 songs from their unique brand.

Set List:

1. Slashes
2. Clockwork
3. Dogmatic
4. Tame
5. Doublethink
6. Spatial

The band has released an EP titled “Now Is New// And Forever is Fleeting Too” featuring 5 original songs, all along the lines of a post grunge, alternative style. Using tools to disrupt clear vocals, and occasionally touching on a megaphone, front woman Cindy “Girlwolf” Clark showcased her art-form with the band drudging on behind her. It was certainly different, yet very entertaining.

The band offers this website to learn more:

The band is made up of:

Cindy “Girlwolf” Clark: Vocals
Jonathan Bouknight: Guitar
Mario DiLeva: Bass
Lamar Little: Drums