Lynam Performs at the Whisky A Go-Go with Gus G.

Lynam's Jacob Bunton
Lynam's Jacob Bunton

Young and strong are two words that aptly describe the band Lynam on stage. Looking something to the tone of Motley Crue circa 1984 with the sound of all things hard rock from the decade of decadence, Lynam came off their 2014 Summer Tour leaving a refreshing taste in the mouths of concertgoers across the US. This included taking the stage alongside artists including Kix, Jake E. Lee, Queensryche and even Kid Rock. Can more than a handful of modern hard rock artists stand up to that sort of comparison? Well …not in America, and these boys hail from the backwoods of Birmingham, Alabama!

So many times today people hear a band and say, “If you close your eyes, it’s like being there again!” What this writer is telling you is, don’t close your eyes. Lynam is the real deal for hard rock fanatics! The band has been at it for more than a decade, but the fire is really catching on in 2014 and the media can’t say enough to celebrate the look, the sound and the raw power that the band is offering the club circuit. Yes, it’s that good.

On October 15th, Lynam opened the first of four show dates with Greek guitar wizard Gus G. (Ozzy, Firewind) as Gus took his show into the Southwest region of the US. Lynam front man Jacob Bunton was a feature on the latest CD Gus offered fans; co-writing and singing on the lead track titled I Am The Fire.  Supporting Gus for the short leg of this short leg of his 2014 tour, Lynam plugged back in after closing out their summer schedule and kicked things up a notch to play the Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood, Vamp’d Vegas, the Ramona Mainstage and Club Red in Arizona.

In review, the Whisky had a good crowd for a Wednesday night. While there were many more than a handful of fans there for the headline performance, a mass of faithful offered servitude by crowding the floor to get close to the band as they ripped through 45 minutes of original songs that literally pay homage to the forefathers of their genre. With crunching distortion and ear kicking rhythms, the band was reminiscent of the glam slam era that made the Sunset Strip the hotspot to attend in the nineteen eighties. With blazing guitar solos that blew back the crowds wigs, the new pro-stage lighting system on the ceiling of the venue and a legendary stage sound that the Whisky is known for, Lynam looked every bit the arena rockers they were on stage at Rocklahoma for the audience in attendance.

The band hinted about some of the upcoming surprises they have for fans, but insiders know one of the many includes working with singer Gabbie Rae on her forthcoming works. Bunton is writing with her for the music that will ultimately define the direction her career is taking off in. Keep an ear out for that.

As for Lynam, your best to catch the band on their official Facebook page, but hear the music by visiting their current official website at Links to their social media can be found on the homepage.

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