Morello, Kotzen, Bettencourt, Hamm, Sobel And Vai – What What?

In what might go down as, to this date, one of the single most guitar worthy events to ever take place in Hollywood! On stage at the opening Soundcheck Live event for 2017, history took place. For those in person, it was jaw dropping, for those of you who are witnessing it now, on video – please pick up your jaw. This really happened.

Steve Vai
Richie Kotzen
Nuno Bettencourt
Tom Morello
Stu Hamm
Glen Sobel
Steve Ferlazzo
Carl Restivo

All on stage – trading licks, for a one-time-only guitar-fest.

Since the inception of Steve Ferlazzo‘s Soundcheck Live, there have been few times in Hollywood, this century, where history has been made. This is the kind of history where artists known by the general population have appeared on stage, unrehearsed, and performed together for the first time. It’s the kind of magic that others have tried before – in the same location for that matter, but still didn’t get it Wright. It’s a place where artists can be who artists are, and it’s always magic on stage – and it happens at Lucky Strike on Hollywood and Highland for the whopping ticket price of – FREE!

So without going on and on, you know what this event is – but here is a front row look at the event from last night – January 11th, 2017. Enjoy!