Swingin’ Thing Owned The Viper Room On June 3rd

For those who hung on after the flavor of Poison washed off the Sunset Strip and bands like Pretty Boy Floyd, Big Bang Babies and Blackboard Jungle were still doing what we love – there was also Swingin’ Thing!

Once a year, Blackboard Jungle hosts a night at the Viper Room with a nice throwback to the heyday we all miss, when music was upbeat and positive, you could understand the lyrics and hot chicks flocked to the stage. Well, gaggles of sluts still attend, wearing the same clothes they wore in 1990, although they’re 52 or so now, but some of them had boobs that were barely 18 years old … and for the fans, the music is still great.

Here’s a couple songs with Swingin’ Thing! from the show on June 3rd as they warmed the crowd for the showcase.