Budderside At The Roxy Theater

The Roxy has been playing host to Steel Panther for the past three weeks, with just one more week to go, but this past Monday – the stage was turned over to Budderside, featuring former Aces N’ Eights frontman, Patrick Stone.

I got a call from California Rock News Editor Chip Smith asking if I wanted to cover the show, and I opted in. Damned glad I did! It was a rare occasion, as the second guitar duties for the band were being filled for the night by young gun Sam “Bam” Koltun. The MI student is looking at his bachelor degree from the institution this year, and during his four years in school – he’s toured extensively with former rock, turned pop singer, Gabbie Rae/Gabriella.

Have a look at the show:

Since the departure of the band’s former guitarist, they have yet to permanently fill the slot. As you saw, Sam Koltun performed tonight, but through discussions with the band I learned that he isn’t currently able to commit full time to the band, but during the interim, has learned the songs and is willing to keep the band available for their current performances. A true guitar hero!

Budderside are:

Patrick Stone – Vocals
Michael Stone – Bass
Rich Sacco – Drums

The band officially dropped their debut self-titled CD two days shy of Christmas last year – and a perfect gift for music fans under the tree! With 10 powerful tracks, the consistent modern rocker is a keeper in any catalog!

1. Genocide
2. Ska Bra
3. Pain
4. X-Girlfriend
5. Clear Blue Sky
6. Open Relationship
7. My Religion
8. The Envelope
9. Let This One Breathe
10. Can’t Wrap My Head Around You

Come to think of it, while you’re enjoying videos – have a look and listen to the band’s current video releases and entice yourself to go buy the CD.

Track 3 – “Pain

Track 6 – “Open Relationship

Track 1 – “Genocide” – this video was officially premiered through Metal Sludge.

Now, you wanna keep up with them? Do it here:

WebSite: http://www.budderside.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/budderside
Twitter: https://twitter.com/budderside