Budderside At The Whisky – Patrick Stone’s Birthday With Sam Bam Koltun

On a night that was otherwise plagued with a rare Hollywood devil, Budderside headlined the Whisky A Go-Go with a host of rock and pop acts warming the stage. Prior to the band getting on stage, opening act In Last Place managed to blow not one, but two amp heads, cutting their proposed ten song set down to four. This was the beginning of a bad night.

While Budderside had a flawless performance, on the ride home – fellow artist and guitarist appearing with the band Sam ‘Bam’ Koltun was heading home with family, and vocalist/songwriter Gabbie Rae (Gabriella) when their car was struck from the back on Sunset near the Guitar Center. No bodily harm out side of bumps and bruises, but Koltun‘s equipment suffered heavy damage; and on the night before flying to St. Louis to perform. We’re throwing in a note to everyone involved for a speedy recovery, and of course, a thanks to everyone that took care of Sam-Bam, getting him the tools and equipment he needed to perform the following night.

Now back to the show.

Budderside has recently announced that they’ll be touring as direct support for LA Guns, with the first show posted as June 17th at the Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas. For the group, this is good news, getting them in front of a host of foundation hard rock fanatics that will truly appreciate the music. The band has been appearing sporadically while supporting the December 2016 release of their self-titled CD. Since it’s release, fans have enjoyed three amazing video releases from the track list, and the band has enjoyed the full support of Motorhead Music churning the wheel.

See the videos and buy your own copy of the CD at their official website here: http://www.budderside.com/

Recently, SonicMag founder and editor Joe Dolan captured the band on stage at the Roxy Theater (see it here), the first show with Koltun performing in the band since their recent departure with former guitarist Johnny Santoro.

On March 23rd, the show at the Whisky also served as a celebration of frontman Patrick Stone‘s birthday on stage. Friends and fans came down on a warm Thursday night to enjoy a full set from the band and hey, for a piece of cake – because that’s part of what makes a birthday party so awesome! The great stage show and killer music was just an added bonus.

Here’s some pics.