Christmas On The Sunset Strip – There’s Only One Place To Be – The Sunset Jam “Christmas Edition”

On December 19th, 2016 – The Sunset Jam, a weekly event hosted by musician Erik Himel, with an extensive list of fellow Los Angeles based talents, celebrated “Christmas at the World Famous Viper Room” on the Sunset Strip. Many events are taking place on the music scene in Los Angeles during the holiday week, but The Sunset Jam is the single most relevant Christmas Jam to take place in Los Angeles, and it was a night to remember.

While the media shares that the nation stands divided due to election woes, racial tension and financial differences – The Sunset Jam celebrates something that can only come from passionate artists, and music fans. On stage, the musicians performing don’t discuss color, politics, social status or emotional divides – they know and talk music; a universal language that speaks directly from one person to the other – both on the stage, and in the audience, and above all – it’s spoken together, in a unity that only music, and a live performance like this can bring. For this reason alone, The Sunset Jam offered an event that no other venue in Hollywood could provide during this holiday season; it shared the true meaning of Christmas.

What started as a “Jam” idea in January this year, now 48 weeks strong, turned out to be more than just a night for musicians to get on stage and showcase their music – The Sunset Jam has, in it’s first year running, become a haven for individual artists on the burgeoning new pop and rock scene of Los Angeles. Unlike other weekly jams, there is no core band on stage, but rather, a core of artists that ensure each instrument is covered should there not be someone to play on it – however, anyone can take part in the performance by visiting the official website and inquiring. This is a real open jam. The line-up is truly never the same.

Musicians are enjoying the opportunity to stretch out their stage performance skills with fellow area artists, working through new songs weekly, and enhancing their personal skills with limited rehearsal time, and with random players. This method does more than just entertain, it adapts musicians into the atmosphere that all professionals in the industry undergo when choosing performance arts as a career goal. The new weekly arena literally forces the artist to rely on their ability to meld into a band situation they haven’t worked with before, and quickly tests, and strengthens, their level of durability and professionalism. In the end, every artist on that stage gets to enjoy performing with friends, for a live crowd, and they go home with a stronger foundation of musicianship that builds confidence, increases their skill-sets, knocks down their fears and makes them better in their field.

To the audience, it’s a jam – for an artist, what Erik Himel has created on Monday nights at the Viper Room is a class in music education that steps outside the box and makes artists better as they continue to work in the field of professional entertainment. All this time, you simply thought it was a jam night didn’t ya?

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