Cleopatra Records Plans To Lose Money At SXSW

In what has been touted as “the biggest waste of time if you’re looking to business,” the SXSW “party” Festival is upon us again and it’s time to get your swerb on, blow some lines, rape a few co-workers and get a round of penicillin to cure what ails you. What happens in Texas stays in Texas, and you probably won’t recognize 75 percent of the music you here, but you’ll be so stoned it won’t matter.

Also, long-standing indie label Cleopatra Records is having their first draining of the bank account by hosting a showcase this year. Who’s on board?

– Pastel Ghost
– Descartes A Kant
– Egrets on Ergot
– Kyle and Myles Mendez (all weird techno shit)
and wait – headlining is Todd Rundgren?

How much money did he need for rent this month?

Never-the-less, the band’s start at 8pm on march 15th and maybe Rundgren will do a cover of a Cars song – still not making the trip to Texas worth the expense, but you might get lucky and find him taking requests.