Doro Offers A Tribute To Lemmy On The Year Anniversary Of His Passing

Doro Pesch and Lemmy Kilmister
Doro Pesch and Lemmy Kilmister

Legendary Warlock front woman, powerhouse vocalist and songwriter Doro Pesch was a dear friend to Lemmy Kilmister, the recently passed frontman of the historically legendary Motorhead. Today marks one year since Lemmy succumbed to the cancer that was spreading in his body. It was a shock to the uninformed music fans, but Lemmy kept it quiet until the end, and fans have kept it loud ever since!

Doro has released a video for a song she recorded with Lemmy in 2012 titled “It Still Hurts.” She offers it on the anniversary of his passing to celebrate his life, his body of work and the memories they shared together.

Doro tells us, “It’s been a year since we lost one of metal’s greatest frontmen, and one of my best friends in the entire world. I miss him so much. I wanted to release this video with a compilation of those amazing moments we had together, so here it is. In memory of Lemmy, one of the world’s greatest rock and roll heroes, the song is called “It still hurts!” In memory of a real hero; rest in peace my dear friend, we will always love you.