Frank Stefanko Releases Springsteen Photo Archival Book At Morrison Hotel Gallery

On November 1st, the Morrison Hotel Gallery at the Sunset Marquis Hotel held a reception for Frank Stefanko‘s latest archival photo book titled “Bruce Springsteen: Further Up The Road.” The exhibition and sale to celebrated the release of Stefanko‘s book and included a host of attendees including Bruce Springsteen‘s sister, who was gifted a signed copy of the limited edition release.

The exhibition will be available for the general public starting November 2nd and running through November 12th. 35 numbered photos are on display from Stefanko‘s book in wall art sizes, offering extremely detailed imagery that ranges from Springsteen‘s earliest years as a songwriter through recent live performance and studio photographs.

When asked about how he began his relationship with Springsteen, Stefanko told us, “I was friends with Patti Smith and had done extensive photography work with her. I was a fan of Sprinsteen’s music and I told her that he was going to be an icon one day. She was friends with Bruce and told him, ‘My friend Frank says you’re going to be a superstar.’ After seeing the work I did with Patti, he asked if I could take photos with him. The rest is history.

Stefanko‘s work with the two artists spans their earliest careers through their current works, chronicling a history that began in the 1960’s and details more than 40 years of amazing moments in their careers. His iconic photos include the “Corvette Winter” image, and album cover art that has become easily identified with some of Springsteen‘s greatest works.

Morrison Hotel Gallery Owners Richard Horowitz and Peter Blachley with Stefanko's Book.
Morrison Hotel Gallery Owners Richard Horowitz and Peter Blachley with Stefanko’s Book – Stefanko lurking in the background.

Stefanko‘s book works also include “Patti Smith-American Artist,” produced as a fine-art photography book containing some of the “most beautiful portraits of Patti Smith ever taken” according to photographer Bob Gruen. The intimate photographs, along with Stefanko’s first-hand accounts, capture the period of cultural change from the mid-1960s to the late 1970s, when a new genre of music was being born.

A collection of the photos seen in the Morrison Hotel Gallery can be seen online at this link:

Gallery Address: 1200 Alta Loma Rd, West Hollywood

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