All Hail The Yeti CD Release Show at the Whisky A Go-Go

All Hail The Yeti
All Hail The Yeti

April 7th, 2016 marked a hard kick to the Sunset Strip as unadulterated metal took over the Whisky for the night. Astoundingly talented artists and head banging metal fans gathered to the stage to pay homage to All Hail The Yeti, celebrating the release of their 2016 concept album titled Screams From A Black Wilderness with a great live performance.

All Hail The Yeti
All Hail The Yeti

I met with bassist Nicholas Diltz outside before the show and we talked about the band’s former stage show and the cow skulls they once boasted on the microphones. He told me that (vocalist) Conner Garrity had a car fire and the skulls suffered in it. While he wasn’t sure if they would be replaced, he did say it will look a little different tonight, but it will sound like everything fans have come to know and love.

He was correct! In fact, it was a little heavier, pleasantly, but the solid groove was still describable as being All Hail The Yeti, all the way!

All Hail The Yeti
All Hail The Yeti

Earlier that day, the band had begun to stream the new album through iTunes, courtesy of the bands new label Minus Head Records, giving eager reviewers a taste of the new recording and allowing fans to line up for their opportunity to be the first on their block to blow out the windows as the album officially dropped upstairs at the Whisky.

On stage, a clean new look was evident. Large screen/banners flanking the drum riser showcased the bands logo. The band was wearing matching white button down tops with the red logo – they almost looked like union meatcutters taking the stage. Truth be told, it was perfect! A modern look that blended will with the music. And then, there the music. The band has honestly never sounded more well rehearsed. Clearly the new line-up is proving to be a positive. The set list went as follows:

1. Before The Flames (Screams from a Black Widlerness)
2. Deep Creek (Self Titled)
3. Let The Night Roar (Screams from a Black Widlerness)
4. Suicide Woods (Self Titled)
5. BloodGuilt (Self Titled)
6. Daughter Of The Morning Star (Screams from a Black Widlerness)
7. Art Of Mourning (Self Titled)
8. Sun That Never Sets (Screams from a Black Widlerness)
9. Mr. Murder (Screams from a Black Widlerness)
10. After The Great Fire (Self Titled)

All Hail The Yeti
All Hail The Yeti

Back in February, the band re-issued the original breakout release that put the band on the map, the Self Titled Debut featuring the original stoner-swamp groove metal fans came to love the band for.

Also on the bill, and in this order, were:

The Mendenhall Experiment
Sisters Ov The Black Moon
We Are The Riot

Want to hear it, own it and hear the band kill it? It’s this easy – visit Click the image and buy the official download.

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