Holy Shit – It’s GYGAX At The Viper Room!

Maybe you may fiddle with a twiddle and diddle with the middle and make a magic riddle that’ll turn the giant little – but these Dungeons & Dragons fans are fucking rock stars!

Okay – you might need to be a fan of the old world Dungeons & Dragons era to understand what I wrote up there, but here’s the deal; on March 11th, the Ventura, CA band GYGAX performed at the Viper Room and after the drinks some attendees had during the opening band’s set – they thought they were listening to Thin Lizzy. These guys are total guitar geeks, in that they perform on stage like they’ve been in their bedroom after school doing the Steve Vai 12 hour guitar workout since 7th grade. They’re amazing artists. As it happened, on this night’s show, it was shared that it was drummer “Minnesota” Pete Campbell‘s first stage performance with the band, which is awesome!

Take a look at a couple of songs I grabbed from the show:

So, you ask – what is a Gygax? The man, (Ernie) Gary Gygax, is a game creator who co-created the world we know as Dungeons & Dragons. The band, clearly fans of the genre, have taken that name and applied it to their group – and justifiably by their obvious inspirations.

Based in Ventura County, the lineage of this group offers inclusion in bands such as:

– Gypsyhawk
– Huntress
– Holy Grail
– Warbringer
– Pentagram
– Skeletonwitch
and more.

These dudes just keep on working! A year or so ago, they dropped a digital/vinyl release titled “Critical Hits.” The release offers 9 tracks, including an instrumental piece.

1. Lesser Magick
2. Worldbreaker
3. Draw Breath
4. The Rope of Shadow
5. Dirge for a Deposed Duke (instrumental)
6. Chain Lightning
7. Demons
8. Liliana
9. The Hunter’s Heart

Grab a digital copy here: https://gygaxguild.bandcamp.com/releases

One listen and you’ll have a long list of world touring artists that you personally feel they’d be the right direct support act for. Sadly, they haven’t got any forthcoming shows posted, but if you know anyone in the Darkness, or Jet, or some other groove-oriented and riff-driven band these guys can blow off the stage – call them and show them Gygax!

You can join the Guild on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/GygaxGuild/