Ian Haugland Shares Details Of Forthcoming Europe Release


Holland’s FaceCulture offers a three part video interview with drummer Ian Haugland of the band Europe. View it below.

Speaking about the Europe songwriting process, Haugland shared, “What we try with every new album is to actually not repeat ourselves, but to look at the back catalog and say, ‘Okay, we did on that album, so maybe we’ll go crazy about something else.’ So that’s good. And it’s like having an art gallery with different pictures you can look at, and you get different feelings from different pictures. So I think the next Europe album is gonna be probably a bit different from 2015’s ‘War Of Kings’, I guess.

When asked what those differences might be, Haugland said, “I haven’t noticed anything, because I haven’t heard anything. The thing is, I know that for Joey Tempest (vocalist), for instance, he creates a lot of music in his mind before it ends up on tape so you can hear it. So I’m sure he has a lot of song ideas in his mind. I also know that John Levén (bassist), he has a couple of really cool riffs; he played it to me. And the same with Mic Michaeli (keyboardist); he’s got a lot of song ideas. Actually, after Christmas, we’re gonna start rehearsing the songs and go into the studio on February 1st.

Regarding a possible release, Haugland said: “It’s gonna be released sometime after next summer. So it’s gonna be an autumn release — probably in September, I would say.”