LA’s Zach Zimmerman Releases New Single With A Show At The Mint LA

New to the rigors of stardom, singer songwriter Zach Zimmerman is officially on the scene with a new single and a performance this week at the Mint LA. Garnering immediate interest for the soulful acoustics that encompass his original works, Zimmerman announced on social media today that his second single titled “I Hope That You Don’t Mind” is on Spotify for immediate consumption.

The similarity to artists like Jack Johnson, Jazon Mraz and John Mayer are naturally evident as his smooth vocals and airy guitar are aligned with the sounds these artists have made to topple the charts and leave office girls swooning during their lunch hour.

Of his works, Zimmerman shares, “When I get up on stage, I want to sing things that people feel, but can’t say. When I get off stage, I want people to say to themselves ‘He doesn’t know me, but he understands me.’” We say mission achieved!

A Los Angles native, born and raised, Zimmerman shared with me that he’s only been at it this past year, writing from his head and singing from his heart. If this is a start, I have to believe he’s well on his way to making his own name in the music industry.

Check out Zach with Voice star Caroline Grace raising money for the #bedstockchallenge, raising funds to fight childhood cancer.

Zach Zimmerman will be performing at the MINT LA on Thursday, January 18th at 9:00 pm. here’s a link to the Facebook announcement: This is the first gig featuring Zach with his full band, (Stephen Fowler on Bass, Hudson Barineau on guitar, and Greg Chung on drums) performing new and unreleased original songs; it’s going to be a must see/must attend event.

You’ll find more on Zach at the following links, and you’ll be proud to say that as a fan, you got in early supporting this artist.




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