In Last Place – Winning At Life At The Whisky A Go-Go

Pop-Punk ain’t dead, and the mid-Wilshire LA band In Last Place is proof that the legend lives on! Bred from power-punk era artists like Sum 41, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy and even the likes of artists like Phoenix TX – these are the kids that came up that ladder during those years and are now the … well, sort of … adults, playing the music that made them who they are – and lets be honest, these dudes were awesome!

The band took part in a 6 band showcase on Thursday night, the 23rd of March at the Whisky A Go-Go. The music was spot on, but the band was plagued with a rare case of the Ghost of Jim Morrison, as not one, but TWO amp heads decided they were going to blow up on stage. What might have been a comfortable and well received 10 song set for the band was reduced to a rough 4 or 5 tracks, and some lovely banter with the audience that, in all honesty, stood patiently and waited for the rest of the show.

On September 9th of last year, the band dropped their debut EP titled “Winning At Life.” If you’ve got a love for Blink 182, or the subsequent +44 – this is a great EP for you. Injected with positive, upbeat guitar riffs and some unique vocal stuff – In Last Place has taken the mold and made it a brand; they’re living the non-Emo version of the Pop-Punk dream!

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