Lita Ford Launches Online Store For Mom Sweaters And Metal Jewelry

Lita Ford has unveiled her new wesbite called Kiss Me Deadly Apparel for  clothing, but so far there is a sweater and some rings on it. She says,  “I always get compliments on my clothes and accessories; ‘Lita I wish we could wear that, or where did you buy that, I want one!‘”

Rockwood makes her jeans, check them out.

Not sure where this is going, but it doesn’t look promising so far. Mom sweaters and skull rings that are available at most 7-11 stores – what we really want is for Lita to write and record another good hard rock album. Yes, anyone can step in to a new field and try to make shit happen on their former name, but Lita is a legendary rock star – why the hell is she putting up a low quality website with some common jewelry on it and trying to sell sweaters? Write some music! You’re great at that. Stop trying to re-live an era of rock that has died and write some new kick ass pop-oriented rock songs and kill it, that’s what you do best!

Visit the Kiss Me Deadly Apparel online shop by clicking here.



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