A Look At The Trans-Siberian Orchestra Opening Show Of The Season

Trans Siberian Orchestra
Trans Siberian Orchestra

Technically, there were two shows the same day in Youngstown, but this one had Al Pitrelli. With Christmas just around the corner now, taking in a concert is just one of the many ways you can celebrate the holiday.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra, first founded by Paul O’Neill in 1996, kicked off its Ghosts of Christmas Eve tour at the Mid-America Center in Council City Bluffs, IA on Nov. 17th. The progressive rock gods brought back their Ghosts of Christmas Eve tour after receiving an overwhelming response during last year’s winter tour under the same theme.

Here is some absolutely horrible cell-phone video shot by an attendee at that show:

The show kicked off at 7:45 p.m. and offered a no holds barred experience for the 130 minutes. The show is backed by large video screens that display different themes throughout the concert making it feel more like a rock theater experience than a traditional concert.

Split into two parts, the first half follows the journey of a young girl who, on Christmas Eve, breaks into an abandoned theater seeking heat and comfort. There, she experiences ghostly visions from the theater’s past, all of which are narrated to the audience by real-life storyteller Phillip Brandon.

Fans hoping for a Christmas show will be thoroughly satisfied during just the first half of the show. Then it gets even more intense. The band plays Christmas classics including, “O Come All Ye Faithful,” “What Child is This?,” “March of the Kings,” and other TSO favorites like “Music Box Blues,” “First Snow,” and “Promises to Keep.”

Of the many band members that make up experience, guitarist Angus Clark and vocalist Gabriela Guncikova are real stand-outs in Iowa tonight. Clark displayed an energy that made watching him easy and fun. He was interactive with the crowd, frequently smiling and flipping his long hair around while playing his guitar. Guncikova’s powerful voice brought a honeyed element to the show that was otherwise lost in a sea of heavy guitar solos and synchronized head banging.

The show features a mix of special effects throughout, including a laser show, rising platforms, snowing effects, fog, fireworks and fire; a veritable circus of lights and sounds. The laser show and the multiple shifting platforms are also very impressive.

The concert ends with a strong grand finale of the band’s popular song, “Christmas Eve,” accompanied by all the lasers, fire, fireworks and intensity that the show offers, all at once.

This is the teaser for the concert:

There are a lot of performances and dates, you’re best to check for your area here: http://www.trans-siberian.com/tour



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