Marillion Teases New “Marbles In The Park DVD” And Tour Dates For 2017

By standards, Marillion is the quintessential cult band, with dedicated fans that have offered a lifetime of support through pre-pay album sales, tour funding and closets in their homes dedicated to storing merchandise, CD’s and vinyl from the bands history. It’s as if the insanity of the fab-four was reborn in the heart of today’s soon to be middle-agers, and a fledgling group of newbies that have seen the light. For some, it’s a religion, for most – it’s a lifestyle … for me, it’s music that started in my formative teen years and has been playing in my home all my life.

My earliest “Maril-years” were born into Fish; a frontman that towered over the edge of the stage and weaved a web of lyrical mastery and mystery – both playing to my heart and making me think with each drop of the record needle. Together, Fish, Steven Rothery, Pete Trewavas, Ian Mosely and Mark Kelley and myself graduated in to the digital age; holding closely the magic of wide and spacious analog sounds. Then I would meet and know Steve Rothery, while evolving in to a world where keyboards would mystify, computers would become a fingertip art form (once played on my head in Boston) and the masterpiece you held in your hands would become smaller, and smaller until it was a two second digital download to reach euphoria. Marillion … audio porn.

Since 2002, however, the chance at taking in the magic of Marillion on stage was eased with the purchase of a ticket to the biennial event that takes place in random spots around the world. It’s called the Marillion weekend and die-hard fans make global treks to celebrate in unity under a sky where gathering crowds know no race, creed, disdain, hatred or disillusion – just unity, and the sounds that otherwise … can’t be made.

During a Marillion weekend in 2015; taking place at the Center Parcs, Port Zelande in the Netherlands – the thousands who made the trek to gather were witness to a live stage production of the Marillion album “Marbles.” Originally issued in 2004, it was the band’s 13th studio disc, and was funded completely by the band’s fan base. What’s better than the Saturday night showcase itself is – someone hit the record button.

Marillion is offering that show, on January 20th, in pristine Blu-ray, DVD, and 2CD packages for collecting. View the trailer for the collectible now:


1. The Invisible Man / 2. Marbles I / 3. Genie / 4. Fantastic Place / 5. The Only Unforgivable Thing / 6. Marbles II / 7. Ocean Cloud / 8. Marbles III / 9. The Damage

1. Don’t Hurt Yourself / 2. You’re Gone / 3. Angelina / 4. Drilling Holes /
5. Marbles IV / 6. Neverland / 7. Out Of This World / 8. King / 9. Sounds That Can’t Be Made

DVD & Blu-Ray

1. The Invisible Man
2. Marbles I
3. Genie
4. Fantastic Place
5. The Only Unforgivable Thing
6. Marbles II
7. Ocean Cloud
8. Marbles III
9. The Damage
10. Don’t Hurt Yourself
11. You’re Gone
12. Angelina
13. Drilling Holes
14. Marbles IV
15. Neverland
16. Out Of This World
17. King
18. Sounds That Can’t Be Made

Bonus content on DVD:Unconventional‘ documentary trailer

Bonus content on Blu-ray:
12 ‘Marbles’ Projection Films, ‘Unconventional‘ documentary trailer

The band has also been selected in Prog Magazine‘s readers pool as both the band, and the album of the year. Get a copy of the magazine on news stands now!

Follow Marillion online at their official website: [ ] and learn about forthcoming tour dates in 2017.

For now, the band offers these:


April 7th – Lodz, Poland – Wytwórnia
April 28th – Leicester, UK – De Montfort Hall
May 19th – Santiago, Chile – Teatro Caupolicán
June 30th – Barcelona, Spain – Be Prog! My Friend Festival
July 19th – Hamburg, Germany – Grosse Freiheit 36
July 20th – Berlin, Germany – Huxleys Neue Welt
July 22nd – Bremen, Germany – Musical Theater
July 23rd – Cologne, Germany – E-Werk
July 25th – Frankfurt, Germany – Batschkapp
July 26th – Nuremberg, Germany – Löwensaal
July 29th – Rottenburg, Germany – Rock of Ages Festival
October 13th – London, UK – The Royal Albert Hall