Metallica Shares Copenhagen Fan Video On Metallica TV

In three and a half decades, despite what the haters online have to say about Lars Ulrich and his drumming, Napster or the rotation of bass players – Metallica have set trends, led the charge for metal-heads worldwide and offered inspiration to a couple of generations of up and coming artists in their wake.

With one of the most loyal followings of any band on the planet, Metallica has offered a new video featuring some fans from other shores that have made the trek to simply be in the presence of the band, their music and the family of fans that have supported the band since their inception. I remember being roped in by my cousin Eddie when he said, “Hey Joe, I got this demo tape of some band in Downey, check this shit out!” – I was more than blown away – I was a fan for life. Before we knew it, everyone else heard of them too.

This video the band shared showcases some fans in Copenhagen, and I’m sure they’re stoked to be highlighted like this: