Are You Missing The Barb Wire Dolls Residency At The Whisky?

Has the week gone by that fast? Is it already time for the second installment? Well, this is good news for you, and your hat, which you’re going to want to hold on to – because tomorrow night the Whisky a Go-Go is FREE, and the stage will host round two with the Barb Wire Dolls, and a cast of female lead rock and punk acts that will have you pressed to the front of the stage just begging for more! It goes like this:

Vigil Of War
Turbulent Hearts
Barb Wire Dolls
New Evil

And if you think some dive bar with shot slurping college sluts will be buzzing on a Monday night, you’re wasting your time – come to the Whisky a Go-Go! The buzz is here!

1. It’s free!
2. Two bars!
3. All your friends will be here wondering where the fuck you are!

All in all, last week was really great. The floor was busy from the first act, Vigil of War, and I had a moment of realization when I saw who was fronting the band. Bam, history made! Want to know more, go back on the Sonic Mag timeline and read about it. Earthsleep was weirdly entertaining, I enjoyed it, and then Suzi Homewrecker came on stage and kicked my ass, I was good at that point, I could have left and said “That was an amazing night!” But then ….

Let me ask … have you seen the Barb Wire Dolls on stage before? Lemmy Kilmister did and he signed them to Motorhead Music immediately. Did you know they’re in a league of legends including the New York Dolls, The Damned, Cheap Trick and a select few that were hand picked to headline the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash? Did you ever think that you would see a band come off stage with more shows around the globe in a year and a half than almost any band on the planet, and that they’d still have time to deliver fans 4 amazing weeks of an intimate, face to face performance like they’re giving at the Whisky?

Well if you did, you’re a genius and that makes you smart enough to be at the Whisky, Monday night at 7:15 when the doors open.

If you didn’t, well, here are some pictures I took of the Barb Wire Dolls last Monday… just to entice you to be there for the next three weeks.

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Barb Wire Dolls: