It’s Here! Night Two From Steel Panther’s March Residency At The Roxy Theater

Steel Panther at the Roxy
Steel Panther at the Roxy

It’s the greatest show on earth, and that’s why Ringling Brothers shut down the circus – why see a dilapidated old lion when you can see a STEEL FUCKING PANTHER! The Fanthers came from far and wide to get a glimpse at the last remnants of official 1980’s era leopard spandex pants, to smell the sweet aroma of Aqua Net aerosol hairspray (it’s believed the last batches ever made are in Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage) and of course – to Feel the Steel, to have All They Can Eat and now they even come to Lower The Bar!

Did we mention that you can go online now and pre-order the new CD “Lower The Bar” today? Okay – stop reading right here for a minute and click the link below, pre-order your copy of the new CD, buy a t-shirt, upload a picture of your mom’s breasts and then come back and see what we’ve got here!


Okay, did you pre-order? Good! Girls will love you for that, even if you’re also a girl. We call that a suds-down.

So on March 6th, live from the Roxy Theater in West Hollywood, CA – Steel Panther took the stage for the second of four Monday nights in a row. That means you have TWO MORE CHANCES to see the band while they’re here doing their thing.

Just in case you happen to live in the Philippines, or you’re one of those sub-continent tribeswomen with the swollen tits of Africa, or you’re just to damned lazy to get off the couch and drive three miles to see the show … here’s a look at what you missed. Add to the band on stage …

– Drew “I’m sorry, that price is wrong” Carey
– Jeffrey “Laugh or I’ll kill you” Ross
– Matt McJunkin … I got nothin’ here, he’s a really nice guy though
– Sully “I didn’t land a plane on the Hudson” Erna
– Ron “Just step over it, it won’t bite you” Jeremy
– Ricky “Yes, that smell is pot” Gordon
– A pair of Mexican B-Cups
– A red thong makes an appearance
– That girl who got the concussion in Vancouver
– AND a Black Guy in the middle of the room …

… and a whole bunch of other amazing things that you just wouldn’t believe without having had been there. In the meantime, some of the magic is here in this video I made. Last week we were Satchel heavy, so this go round I tried to give you a little more Stix than usual! So grab some popcorn, a box of tissues and turn the lights down low.

It’s time for Spinal Ta … I mean, it’s Steel Panther! Live from the Roxy Theater on Monday, March 6th, 2017.