Nonpoint Grooves The Crowd At The Wiltern Theater – 2-19-2017

The band has grown to become a testament to melodic grooves, a unique style that has earned the aggressive Florida born Nonpoint a cornerstone in the archives of metal history. With 20 years, nine studio discs and countless performances under their belt, it goes without saying that Nonpoint has become a leader in their field. As a result, it was a pleasure to see them on stage with Alter Bridge at the Wiltern on February 19th.

Nonpoint released their latest CD through Spinefarm in 2016, titled “The Poison Red,” and is the first recorded release featuring former Switched guitarist Bradley Kochmit.

The stage for the show was back-lit with 9 white LED cubes and a complete layer of drastic red light, highlighting the red backdrop of the latest album’s cover. With a white cone of light over drummer Rob Rivera, the visual was easily as dramatic as the band’s sound. Pumping Adam Woloszyn‘s deep crisp bass tones and crystal clear vocals, frontman Elias Soriano led the audience in sing-along chorus parts and delivered an outstanding performance for the band. You wouldn’t have expected less, and they delivered on that promise. As a band that has held their own headlining tours, Nonpoint made the Alter Bridge show more of a co-headlining gig than a direct support performance.

Nonpoint has more show dates, headlining and co-headlining, outside of the current tour schedule with Alter Bridge, going into the summer months. To find out more about when you can see them on stage, visit: