Own Some Phil X Magic From The Bon Jovi 2017 Tour

Jon Bon Jovi with Phil X
Jon Bon Jovi with Phil X

Have you ever wanted to take home that Phil X guitar solo he ripped on stage? After all the years of seeing him invent licks and tricks on his six-strings, use his cell-phone to make unique noises or just plain shredded and I wanted to hear it again, now is the time! On this tour, Bon Jovi fans are being invited to “take the show home” and live it again.

Starting with tonight’s opener in Greenville, S.C., Bon Jovi will be offering show downloads for each concert, a similar concept to one that Marillion has been doing for years, but the Bon Jovi shows come with a physical keepsake. Fans get an “exclusive USB bracelet.”

According to Bon Jovi’s website, “this bracelet grants you access to a special website that will allow you to download one full live show from Bon Jovi’s This House Is Not For Sale 2017 Tour. Plug it in to your laptop or desktop computer, open the program in the folder and follow the instructions to redeem your download!

Fans that want to own the show downloads can pick up a USB bracelet at the merch booth — or, if you didn’t get a ticket to the concert but you still want to hear what you missed, you can order one through Bon Jovi’s online store for $34.99.

Want to know more, visit the bands official pages at: https://www.bonjovi.com/

Find Phil X and the Drills stuff here: http://www.thedrills.com/