Perfect Blue Sky “Wasteland” Music Video Released

perfect blue sky wasteland

Multi-national band, Perfect Blue Sky, have released a new music video for “Wasteland“, the double A-side to the “Astronaut” single, digital out today. Anthemic, catchy and reminiscent of “If Fleetwood Mac had a baby with Pink Floyd/The Who/Pearl Jam/Led Zeppelin” it would sound like “Wasteland“.

Singer Jane Kitto says: “Wasteland depicts making our own path rather than trying to shuffle along with unfulfilled dreams through society conditioning. Don’t get stuck in no man’s land wondering where it all disappeared to!

Perfect Blue Sky is a highly anticipated collaboration between Swedish folk/metal artist, Pontus (Pna) Andersson, and Australian rock singer and guitarist, Jane Kitto. With the uninhibited vibes of 60s/70s psychedelic classic rock, the album is filled with imagination and spirit.

Perfect Blue Sky UK Single release of “Astronaut” , featuring BBC, Commercial and Regional Radio live performances and interviews in November 2017:

Nov 08 – London BBC and Regional Radio
Nov 09 – VIDEO SHOOT for ‘Winds Ransom’ & one other song at The Preservation Room, Hackney London
Nov 10 – SHOWDATE Norfolk Blakeney Harbour Room – Support to John O’Leary & Sugarkane (UK)
Nov 11 – BBC & Regional Radio Bristol / Wales
Nov 12 – SHOWDATE Afternoon Acoustic Session, Woking followed by The Boom Boom Club – Sutton, Surrey Support to John O’Leary & Sugarkane (UK)
Nov 13 – BBC & Regional Oxford / Cambridge Cotswolds, Midlands (Radio )
Nov 14 – SHOWDATE The Acoustic Couch, Bracknell, Berkshire (Radio)
Nov 15 – BBC & Regional Nottingham / Sheffield (Radio)
Nov 16 – BBC & Regional Liverpool or Manchester (Radio)
Nov 17 – SHOWDATE Leeds plus (Radio)
Nov 18 – BBC Scotland & Newcastle (Radio)
Nov 19 – SHOWDATE Stramesh – Cowgate, Edinburgh Scotland
Nov 20 – Edinburgh (Radio Interviews / appearances )

The recently released ‘Astronaut’ music video can be viewed here: