Perry, Lang and the New Ratt Thang

Blotzers Ratt
Blotzers Ratt

A friend from back east messaged me last night saying that RATT had songs in the 80’s he just couldn’t get enough of. This led to some talk about Blotzer‘s RATT. Looking at this RATT thing, there’s Pearcy‘s version of RATT, Crucier‘s version of RATT, DiMartini‘s version of RATT and holy shit – three of the dudes got together on the MOR-West cruise and sounded … well, just like RATT. Here’s some fan footage.

So I got thinking about this Blotzer/RATT thing. Blotz is spending so much time arguing with people online about how HE is RATT, he’s forgotten to mention a couple of things that could turn the table in his favor.

1. You’ve got Brad Lang (Y&T, Jet Red) in the band now. Lang is, hands town, one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists playing rock today. He can sing, he plays everything and he’s got years of experience under his belt while still looking like he’s 28 years old. You can’t get better.

2. You’ve got Mitch Perry in the band. Without a doubt, one of the most sought after rock guitarists on the planet – he’s untouchable. Perry‘s style can mold to any sound, he has fluid and flawless solo technique and he’s stoned most of the time so he never argues with anyone – he’s just plain mellow and agreeable!

3. You were IN the band RATT – from the start when you guys burned Mark Leonard in exchange for fame and threw actual rats at Tawny Kitaens legs. You have the legacy, won the name in court and have the potential to do something awesome. WRITE NEW SONGS!

Not that reliving the dream with some 50-something year old whores calling your name and a bunch of balding beer drinkers telling you how they were in the 3rd row at the Forum in 1986 isn’t fun – but for Christ’s sake – the playing field is wide open! Capture the moment while you still can, before you burn through members like Frankie Banali and you’re stuck making a shitty documentary about what you used to be back when you were in a cool new band making cool new music.

For the fans – here’s a look at the start of the band – Blotzer’s RATT. It’s not awesome. Encourage them to write some new songs, knock out a Demon Doll release, or kick it over to Frontiers and leave a legacy that ends on a positive note. New tunes – go play them in Europe, get on something better than a boat that goes to Mexico. Be a REAL BAND; not a real cover band. This is probably your last shot at it Blotz, close your mouth on stage, make it a great show and write new music or maybe end this ride one day playing shows at the Canyon Club with Stonebreed for the rest of your RATT career. I guarantee Perry and Lang won’t stick around for that.



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