Skillet Performs At The Belasco Theater In Downtown Los Angeles – Photos and Video

Skillet, the Memphis born Christian modern rock band, are on the road bringing their Unleashed Tour across America in 2017. The second night of this tour landed the band in the heart of downtown Los Angeles to play at the modest sized Belasco Theater to a capacity crowd. On stage, band founder John Cooper led the group through an astounding 17 song set that touched on both new music, and the band’s traditional fan favorites dating back to 2006’s Billboard Christian Album of the Year Award winning title “Comatose.

The 2016 Atlantic Records release titled “Unleashed” landed as the 10th CD for the band and made the song “Feel Invincible” an instant winner with fans. With a blend of styles, the album offers an influence of pop as well as metal, and almost brings a more aggressive appeal to the recordings than the bands previous works. Produced by Brian Howes, who also produced the bands 2006 smash release “Comatose,” the album is primed to be a classic for the band’s historical brand.

The set list for the night was:

01. Feel Invincible (Unleashed)
02. Whispers In The Dark (Comatose)
03. Sick Of It (Rise)
04. Rise (Rise)
05. Back From The Dead (Unleashed)
06. Awake And Alive (Awake)
07. Not Gonna Die (Rise)
08. Hero (Awake)
09. Those Nights (Comatose)
10. Undefeated (Unleashed)
11. Comatose (Comatose)
12. The Last Night (Comatose)
13. Stars (Unleashed)
14. Out Of Hell (Unleashed)
15. Monster (Awake)
16. Rebirthing (Comatose)
17. The Resistance (Unleashed)

Skillet has posted summer show dates running through August of this year. Starting a few days ago in California, the band will tour eastward across the south, then up the East Coast if the US with potential future dates not yet released. To find out when Skillet is performing near you, visit:

These photos from the performance made available from Los Angeles photographer Joe Dolan (