Steel Panther Reclaims The Sunset Strip For The Next Four Weeks – Video From Night 1

Steel Panther at the Roxy
Steel Panther at the Roxy

Lock your doors, close your windows and take that tile off the glory hole in the bathroom – the boys are back and they’re looking to spackle some cracks – and no night is as insane as the opening show of the band’s four week residency, here at home in Hollywood. It was so good – Extreme‘s Nuno Bettencourt made a guest appearance – but that’s just the start of it.

The Roxy Theater on Sunset came alive last night for a sold-out performance where Steel Panther introduced the hometown crowd to their new single “Poontang Boomerang” on stage, and roped in a gaggle of sluts along the way. Were there titties? Yes. Did Ricky Gordon show up? Yes! Did you miss the best night of your year thus far by sitting home and left swiping girls you’ll never meet on Tinder? There’s a good chance you did – but thanks to the band’s management for letting me do what I do, you can witness the party of the year, right here, right now.

The band is about to drop a steaming platter of goodness on your turntable, so to speak, in the form of the 2017 CD titled “Lower The Bar.” To support the album you’ve already lined-up to buy, yes – we saw you on line; the band has announced the “2017 Girls In A Row” tour, which will have your girlfriend dancing topless on stage at least one of the nights they play … and maybe two of the ones where they stay in the hotel.

Glamourous front man Michael Starr shares, “This might be our greatest album, yet. We really put or heart and our dicks into it and we think we’ve created something our fanthers will truly eat up!

Starr might be referring to the album, he might mean the dicks. Either way, with three songs released since late last year – the forthcoming release has already proven to be as big a fan favorite as their previous “All You Can Eat” album, and that’s just THREE SONGS you’ve heard! Wait ’til you hear what comes next.

So read the poster below, visit the band’s website at and make plans to attend. It’s another amazing year for Steel Panther and it’s all because of you … and Lexxi‘s Mom.

Steel Panther has three more weeks to go at the Roxy. Visit the website for ticket sales and we’ll see you front and center for the next three Monday night shows!

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