Steel Panther – Week Three Of The March Residency – Video Here!

Steel Panther at the Roxy

It was week three of Steel Panther‘s four week residency, taking over the Roxy Theater on Sunset for an astounding FOUR Mondays in a row! This means you’ve got one week to do two things:

1. Buy a ticket to next weeks show – do it quickly because it has sold out now three weeks in a row!
2. Go get your filthy paws on the new CD you damned dirty ape!

Here’s a link –

So you want to know what happened, right? Well, for the second week, super-fanther Drew Carey came out on stage and introduced the band. Throughout the show, guests got on stage, including a repeat drumming performance by Godsmack‘s Sully Erna, but this time he also took the microphone and lead a crowd-joined exposition of Alice in Chains‘ “Man In The Box“, with none other than Jerry Cantrell on guitar! Yes, it happened! Want one more you’ve never seen? Atomic Punks bassist and world renowned photographer Joe Lester jumped on stage and took over bass duties for some Van Halen goodness.

Check out Joe Lester‘s work here:

Okay, okay – I know what you want … the video! Prepare yourself for barnyard sex, an encore appearance of some Mexican boobies, a girl from Oklahoma, the band taking their “Balls Out,” and a night on the Sunset Strip you’ve not seen since last week!

It’s Steel Panther, live at the Roxy Theater on march 13th, 2017.