Stonebreed Offers Direct Support To Uli Jon Roth At The Whisky: 2-20-2017

A staple in the Los Angeles hard rock diet, Stonebreed offers consistent consumption of their southern flair inspired hard rock music at venues across the country. While the band has undergone minor tweaks through the years, the songs remain the brand that has made them a go-to act for direct support when the majors play through town. On February 20th at the Whisky A Go-Go, Stonebreed warmed the stage for guitar legend Uli Jon Roth and the crowd ate it up.

The band has refined it’s line-up to four core members, those who redefined the band a few years back when founding vocalist Carlos Cruz felt the band wasn’t headed in the right direction. Merging then with new talent, and continuing the band’s journey to write, record and perform the music that was born from their influences; Stonebreed now consists of:

Carlos Cruz
Brandon Paul
Johnny Zell
Orion Rainz

At the Whisky, Stonebreed pulled out a few of the cornerstone epics that have drawn fans to the edge of the stage for years while offering new tracks from the band’s forthcoming CD release, and in a single instance, pulled out a new song the fans haven’t heard. You’re best to find more on the new music by visiting the band’s website at:

Until that new music is in your greedy little hard rock loving fingers, enjoy some photos from the show. Get online and reach out the band on the social network to see when they’re in town, like the SXSW Festival that’s on it’s way. Your chance to see it live could be just a few weeks away, but you’ve gotta keep up to find out.