Turbulent Hearts Kill It At The Whisky

Do you remember Suzi Homewrecker, the left-slung ass-kicking alpha-female guitarist from Civet? “Hell Hath No Fury,” and all that business? Well, not only did she knock out a new CD last summer with her trio Turbulent Hearts, and not only does it absolutely knock it out of the park, AND – not only did she get on stage as Suzi Moon with the trio at the Whisky … it was PUNK AS FUCK!

I’d been asked a few weeks ago to come down and cover the all female fronted multi-band extravaganza that has landed a 4 week residency at the Whisky A Go-Go on Mondays in April. The headliners, appearing in the middle slot, are Barb Wire Dolls – but their direct support wasn’t a rock/metal band … it was Suzi Fucking Homewrecker! PUNK AS FUCK!

So I was talking to fellow photographer and friend Jack Liu in front of the stage after the second band. We were talking about the old Los Angeles/Hollywood scene he used to shoot in, and the old NYC/Boston scene I used to shoot in back in the day. I mentioned that what I really missed shooting was a good old fashioned ass-kicking by a punk trio, shot in black and white and full of history, vigor and enthusiasm. Essentially, something PUNK AS FUCK!

Five minutes later, this happened. Oh, and it happened in black and white because black and white is PUNK AS FUCK!

The band is online here:

Bandcamp: https://turbulenthearts.bandcamp.com/ – Where you can hear and legally purchase the band’s tunes!!

And over here on Facewaste: https://www.facebook.com/TurbulentHearts/

On stage last Monday, (when this show happened), we got this in the set:

01. Excuses
02. On My own
03. Hanging Around
04. I Don’t Do It For You
05. Notice Me
06. Panic
07. Runaround
08. Walking Away
09. Crazy Girl

The Whisky occasionally books residencies like this, and let me tell you – this one is a winner! The good news is, it happens for FOUR MORE MONDAYS this month! (April 2017). So get your ass over to the Whisky on Monday night – doors at 7:15pm, for a FREE show with an amazing list of acts and say hello … PUNK AS FUCK!!!