Uli Jon Roth Returns To The Whisky: 2-20-17

Uli Jon Roth, the father of neoclassical shred, brought his transcendental blues laden guitar wizardry to the Whisky A Go-Go on February 20th as he, and his band, revisited the Tokyo Tapes – hence the name of the tour – “Tokyo Tapes Revisited.”

The tour extends Roth‘s recent schedule of dates across the US following the 2016 tour that brought Uli to the Whisky in March of 2016. The Ultimate Guitar Experience, featuring Roth alongside Jennifer Batten and Andy Timmons brought out a host of guitar aficionados to witness hours of six string brilliance and legendary moments on stage. Returning to the same stage less than a year later, we saw a stripped down, “man and his guitar” version of Roth, and it was worth every moment.

Roth released the DVD/CD package of “Tokyo Tapes Revisited: Live In Japan.” The performance, recorded at the Nakano Sun Plaza Hall in Tokyo, is a celebration of Roth’s classic work with the Scorpions, and was recorded on February 20th 2015 at the same venue as the band’s classic 1978 live album “Tokyo Tapes.” Roth‘s release dropped on December 2nd last year and he took to the road in January to support it’s distribution. The astounding 39 track/3 CD package offers a deep look in to the mastery of guitar that fans herald when they pay homage to Roth from the floor in front of stages he plays.

If you didn’t catch him in February, Roth has dates in the US extending through march, before heading overseas for a long list of dates. See where and when he’ll be playing here: http://sky2015.uliroth.com/index.php/tourdates