Vigil Of War Debuts At The Whisky A Go Go

A couple  years back at the Observatory in Santa Ana I was privy to a band called the She Demons, featuring California born superstar Alicia Vigil – now front woman for the new band, aptly titled, Vigil of War. She was newly knitted into the fabric of the LA music scene when they spent a few nights as direct support for the Misfits. From a former punk driven all female outfit, now to being the lead face of a hard rock outfit, Vigil doesn’t hold back either on, or off the stage. A somewhat accomplished actress in her own right, and ready to get on stage and give an audience what they paid for – Vigil‘s new line-up is a good fit for the evolving musical side of her abilities and interests.

For LA music fans, describing Vigil Of War in a word or two might be “Lynam For Boys.” I heard guys around me use terms like, “Sexy As Fuck!” but there’s a lot more going on here than flair. This is a rock band from Hollywood! They emulate the yesteryear appearance of leather clad metal heads and they bring a sound clearly reminiscent of the bands they draw influence from. On top of that, it appears to be a partial family affair, which speaks volumes about parenting done right – we’re going to thank Mom and Dad for that support! Lets dig in a little more into a female fronted, modern version of early Motley Crue era, Sunset Strip style hard rock band.

I met members of the band out front while waiting for our required hand stamps to shoot the show. They were very friendly and happy to talk about the music.

The band announced the event as their first on stage performance, and while it wasn’t without minor hiccups, they were very well rehearsed. The club could have given Vigil some volume in her vocals, but the mix was done well enough to feature each member individually. Clearly it was not the members’ first on stage performances, but this was the first showing of this band line-up, and the first of 4 weeks of Monday nights planned for performances on stage at the Whisky in April – so if you missed it, you’ve got three more shots at it.

It was at their start with this line-up when the band announced the former Friend for a Foe/East Coast drummer Jason Novalis as a new member of the Vigil Of War camp. He’s got a definite Mangini style of playing,  personally, I think a little above the level Vigil of War is at right now – but his departure in the following month left room for the announcement of guitarist Kiana “Shotgun” De Leon‘s sister Sasha De Leon to step in and show her wares – which she does flawlessly. The girl is a definite powerhouse behind the kit, and a perfect fit for the 3/4 female constructed rock outfit. With Sasha on the drum throne, the band looks to have the right building blocks to evolve at their respective speed.

Sasha De Leon – Drums

Rhythm guitarist and multi instrumentalist Shane Taylor is well versed in the Hollywood landscape, performing across the usual jam nights all the locals perform at here and recently on stage with Secret Black, alongside fellow local guitarist Yohai Portal and a series of ongoing projects in Los Angeles.

Here, he grabbed the stunning $2500 Zemaitis Antanus bass guitar and skillfully hammered away for the last song of the band’s performance last night. Bassist/Vocalist Alicia Vigil is endorsed by Zemaitis. That bass is one hell of a perk!

Here she is plucking away. That’s guitarist Kiana De Leon to the right, giving her all on what appears to be a custom painted Jackson Rhoads RRXT 6-string, but I’m not guitarist, so don’t shoot me if I’m wrong about the model – but it looks and sounds great!

So what to expect next? Outside of the next 3 Monday nights at the Whisky A Go-Go, we’re not sure. The band has original songs, they mix in fan favorites that are defined by their style, and with the line-up sounding as good as they did on Monday, the sky is the limit for this band. So down below, Ill give you links to follow up. But first:

Here’s what the band played on stage:

1. Live Wire – Original
2. War Inside My head – Original
3. Stitch Me Up – Original
4. Shallow Grave – Original
5. White Wedding – Billy Idol Cover
6. Bite The Bullet – Original

While the set was short, it was impacting. Each band was privy to a shorter performance time, as the line-up for the night was bringing a variety of female fronted power to the stage, including the amazing show by Barb Wire Dolls, coming around after a 110 shows in 120 days – astounding!!

So it’s time for you to click the like button on the band’s social media links, and to follow them to see what they do. Go here:


… and for the moment, that’s what you get, until the band launches a website – which I’m sure is coming. So get on board and check out Vigil of War.