Warrant, featuring Robert Mason, Shares Another Track From “Louder, Harder, Faster”

Over the years, as bands evolve with different members, some fans claim that artists can’t continue with new singers, or rearranged line-ups. Lets consider how people:

A) Hate on the amazing vocals of Geoff Tate, but claim Queensryche is better without him.
B) Hate on Skid Row and claim that Sebastian Bach is the band, even though they’re the band that wrote and recorded the songs that made the band famous.
C) Hate Van Halen without Sammy Hagar, but fail to remember that the band rose to fame with the world’s greatest rock front man, David Lee Roth and that Michael Anthony‘s harmonies were what made the band so magical on FM radio.

The fact is, you can’t please anyone in the age of online hate-speech and freedom to bash bands you’ll never achieve the same success of. I’m sure right now you hate me, but it’s my magazine, so I can write what I want.

As a publicist for Jani Lane, those years working with him instilled an absolute love for his songs and recorded works with Warrant in me. I was a little hesitant to hear them sung by Robert Mason, but the fact remains – not only is Mason a super nice human being, and an incredible talent with an awesome voice and stage presence – but he really breathes life in to the songs Warrant made famous with Jani, and above all that – the band is killing it with new music as the years go on!

So here is the new track the band shares from the forthcoming CD, aptly titled “Louder, Harder, Faster.”

Frontiers drops the new CD on may 12th, so show your support and get a copy.

Louder Harder Faster” track listing:

1. Louder Harder Faster
2. Devil Dancer
3. Perfect
4. Only Broken Heart
5. U In My Life
6. Music Man
7. Faded
8. New Rebellion
9. Big Sandy
10. Choose Your Fate
11. Let It Go
12. I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink (bonus track available on CD only)