Wisbone Workshop’s Amp Hook at the NAMM Show 2018

I’d actually been told about the Amp Hook by Gregg Bissonette. Yes, even the world’s greatest drummers find uses for the world’s most unique gear concepts. But lets be honest, we’ve all lugged a combo into a jam session or some basement studio and rigged some contraption to do the same thing, right? Balanced some books on top of a wire hanger wrapped around the top half of a mic stand … and imagine this: in all that time of wasted effort and stress to balance a mic to record a song – I could have spent $40 and the problem would have been solved – for life! FOR LIFE!

That image up there is the Amp Hook, but here’s a couple more – click and they’ll blow up.

It seems simple, but it’s not really. The tender cares taken to make sure it fits, comfortably, without damage, putting the mic where you want it, fixed securely and yet still adjustable to once you get it on there, you can find the sweet spot and keep it for the duration of your performance, recording or jam session.

It’s the simple things that make you a star – but you didn’t think of it. Jeff Traser and Sean Mahoney did. I sure wish I had. Watch this.

This guy does a pretty amazing job explaining the benefits too … and in a cool British accent!

Again, it’s so simple you have to wonder why it didn’t exist already – but there is a reason why. These guys were the smart ones, there it is! So go over to the site and grab one – don’t mill around, just own one, because there will always be a time when you’ll need it, but won’t have it. It’s like AAA for roadside assistance. You never think you need it, but when you do – you’re so damned happy you got it. THAT is why you’re going now to order your Amp Hook.

Here’s the spot: http://www.thewishboneworkshop.com/product/the-hook



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